Dynamic DNS Service

What is dynamic DNS service?

Dynamic DNS technology allows you to give your home network PC or server a permanent address on the Internet. Internet service providers change your IP address on a regular basis, but with dynamic DNS you can keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address of your home server or other devices.

Listing Item   Third level domain name(yourname.dynu.com)
You can use dynamic DNS service with free third level domain names provided by us.

Listing Item   Top level domain name(yourname.com)
Dynu Dynamic DNS service works with all top level domain names regardless of country of origin. If you don't already have a top level domain name, you may purchase one here .

Please list the following name servers for your top level domain name in order to use the dynamic DNS service.


How does Dynu Dynamic DNS Technology work?

  • Your PC is connected to the internet and runs Dynu Client. Dynu Client keeps track of your computers IP address and reports it to Dynu DNS servers.
  • When someone requests 'yourname.dynu.com', Dynu DNS servers redirect them to your computer just like Internic DNS servers redirect requests to 'yourname.com'.
  • Now any user on the internet can connect to your PC instantly by requesting 'yourname.dynu.com'.

  • How Dynamic DNS Service Works